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5 Tips To Attract More Guests To Your Rentals Property

Posted by admin on August 18, 2023

5 Tips To Attract More Guests To Your Rentals Property

If you are going to invest in holiday rentals or annual rentals, this article is for you, we will give you some tips to help you in this process.


1. Make room for your home:

There are properties that do not have a wide and unkempt appearance, so if it’s your case, choose to give space to your space. Start by removing half of the extra elements that compose your property, such as props that are filling shelves, cabinets, windows, among others. All of these elements give your property a tighter look may possibly hinder the guests movement and even provide a feeling of stress considering the lack of space.


2. Neutralize:

A clean, bright, spacious house with decoration based in neutral colors tends to please the guests more. According to color psychology whites and soft colors convey tranquility and well-being which provides a harmonious and more visually spacious environment.


3. Simplicity:

Too often, remove or store valuable items, such as personal frames, or other irreplaceable elements, as they have do not add value to your property or occupant.


4. Small Arrangements:

Sometimes minor repairs can make all the difference in the user’s perspective! An unscrewed faucet, a loose knob, a door that doesn’t close so well…all these small repairs make a big difference.


5. Cleaning:

The apartment should be cleaned to the millimeter! The attentive eyes of the guests meet the mere detail of dirt and this may put into question a positive review or even the guests return. If you’re not available to do this job, we have a cleaning service every 7 days and at the exit of the guest that you can hire.

Now think of the difference these 5 simple elements make in the guest’s perspective! Are you ready to scrap the old version of your property?

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